Monday, March 26, 2007

Can I save the butterfly and the spider?

About a week back I finished watching an anime (those who know me know my obsession with anime^_^) series called 'Trigun'. On the surface it does seem like an incredibly ludicrous series, but the theory (for the lack of a better word) it is based on is incredible!
At one point in the series you see a flashback of a childhood event, pertaining to the protagonist of the series, Vash. This flashback is what contains the real crux of the whole series.

It shows a butterfly stuck in a spider's web with the hungry spider fast approaching, and here we are presented with young Vash's moral dilemma; he wants to save the butterfly AND the spider.

Most people would think this absurd how can BOTH be saved, the spider MUST eat the fly in order to live. Or worse most people would categorise the spider as being evil and the butterfly as being good and hence it would be alright to kill the spider. But the fact is it is often not that simple. People are not just plain good or evil. Alot goes into making them who they are.

Throughout the series, Vash goes on defeating his enemies, without (somehow) ever laying a finger on them. Near the end of the series though, he is forced to kill one of his adversaries in order to save his friends, which sends him into a state of mental anguish which would almost seem incomprehensible to people. "The man was evil, he was causing people pain and hence Vash was right to kill him."...but is it really that simple? I do not know?
My question to the world is: "Can both the spider and the fly be saved?"
I do not think so, but I do wish there was another way...

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